The Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications, in April and October. To apply for a grant, charities should email The Clerk† requesting an application form. The preferred time to do this is late January/February for the April Trustees' meeting (closing date for receipt of applications is 31st March), or late July/August for the October Trustees' meeting (closing date 30th September).

City & Met is a very small Trust, and the Trustees are only able to make modest grants (typically averaging £2,000).†

In 2016 the Trustees decided to re-emphasise their grant giving direction by encouraging applications related to ex offenders and their families. As a result, the more general applications from charities representing those “in need” will in future receive a lower priority.

This decision was reached partly because of the†historical reasons†for the creation of the Charity, and partly to give our modest giving more focus.

For a full list of grants made in the past two years, please see our latest Report & Accounts, which are published at the Charity Commission website. (page 9)

Examples of charities that the Trustees have recently supported include:

Brent Centre For Young People

Changing Tunes (London & South East)

Fine Cell Work

Hardman Trust

Pimlico Opera

Prisoners Abroad

Sheriffs' & Recorder's Fund


The charity does NOT give grants medical charities, nor to individuals or students, only other charities registered with the Charity Commission.

All correspondence is conducted
by email

Registered charity number 205943

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